FBTme is Australia’s leading FBT car parking reports and car parking valuations provider

Trust us with your Parking Valuation

FBTme is owned by GDML Interactive which is a privately held technology company heavily focused on using technology to improve processes and deliver information in more relevant and useful ways. We pride ourselves on being able to help businesses harness data and analytics to add value by reducing cost or achieving efficiencies.

We are trusted by all of Australia’s largest top tier accounting firms as well as a wide range of mid tier and boutique practices. We also supply to a range of Australia’s largest listed and multinational companies as well as numerous government departments.

Our data

All of our data is collected by an operations team strategically located in each major city centre. This includes on-site year round surveys, advanced data capture technology, data feeds, as well as market research and analysis. Using our technology tools we independently and accurately monitor the parking market throughout the year.

FBTme has deep coverage of all parking products including permanent, promotions, special rates, spot specials as well as anything else offered at the car park which ensures the lowest rate is captured in respect of each day during the year and we can achieve the most favourable ATO compliant parking rates.

Teaming up with fellow GDML Interactive company, CarParking.info we have developed custom algorithms and data feeds which grant full access to the dataset to ensure that all coverage is reviewed and the lowest rate at each location is attained.

CarParking.info operates the leading consumer car park comparison website: CarParking.info and the ‘Cheap Parking’ mobile apps providing parking search to over 1,000,000 users across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore each month. The CarParking.info public search service has limited access to a selected consumer segment of the CarParking.info database as do our license partners who license selected data for use in areas such as navigation, advisory services and commercial applications.

Absolute Reliability

FBTme has an advanced workflow system with quality assurance check points as well as levels of review and sign off by parking and tax experts giving you piece of mind that the methodology used and the rates provided are acceptable for Fringe Benefits Tax reporting purposes.


We are heavily focused on ensuring we continue to add value to our clients in as many ways as possible. That brought us to create LogbookMe and one of its modules, which is an ATO approved automated car parking register product that can automatically keep a register of car park usage to reduce the number of days subject to FBT.

We like to be part of doing things smarter.


Our Process

Validation on whether car parking provided is subject to FBT based on car park rates, location, car parking station eligibility and availability during the year

Provision of a valuation rate that is the most favorable to minimise taxable value

First level logic check by a parking data specialist

Second level assessment of rate that complies with all ATO requirements

Report delivery by email usually within 3 business days or sooner.

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Car Parking Rate Report

Get the lowest daily car park rate for your location within ATO guidelines using average cost method.


Market Valuation Services

We can assess client locations for advice on FBT liability and favourable valuation methods to utilise.


Prior Year Analysis

Working with our partner firms, we can analyse your previously lodged FBT returns for lower rates and refunds.


Employee Parking Register

An automated in-car solution to keep a car park register which identifies FBT exempt days.