An automated in-car solution to keep a car park register which identifies FBT exempt days

FBTme is always looking for ways to add value to clients businesses, so through our technology development arm we co-developed LogbookMe, as an ATO approved (CR2015/2) and (Patent Pending AU 2015900649) automated car parking register.

Utilising the latest telematics technology and custom built applications, our product is able to passively keep a register of car park usage (without the need for any employee or employer intervention or extra administration) allowing employers to identify exempt days when a car parking benefit does not apply (rather than simply using the default statutory 228 days).

Most employers value car parking fringe benefits using the default work days and from our experience in most cases there are significant net savings to be achieved by exempting the days where a car parking fringe benefit does not arise throughout the year across the organisation.

Learn more about the LogbookMe solution to see how it can help your organisation or your clients with keeping automated tax logbooks, fleet management and fleet optimisation.

Calculate the potential savings by implementing LogbookMe for your car parking.

Employee Car Parking Register for FBT

You may have FBT Exempt days if you have:

  • Employees travel frequently
  • Part time and flexible work arrangements
  • Workers in the field
  • Sales teams who are regularly out of the office
  • Shift workers
  • Leave arrangements
  • Company directors